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What does it mean if my account is provisionally verified?
What does it mean if my account is provisionally verified?
Written by Jesse Pizarro
Updated over a week ago

When some users sign up for HotStreak their account will only be provisionally verified which means they can deposit and play on the platform, but they will not be able to withdraw until their account is fully verified. This impacts less than 5% of our customers and typically involves users who recently turned 18, who took a blurry image of their ID, or who submitted incorrect information.

How can I get my account fully verified?

If your account is provisionally verified, you can ask support to go through the in-app verification process again. If you're still stuck in the provisionally verified state, you can send a selfie of yourself holding up your social security card and support can get you verified manually.

How can I get manually verified to withdraw from HotStreak?

You can get manually verified by reaching out to support and sending a selfie of yourself holding up your social security card. Please note, you only have to show the last four digits as well as your name so you can cover up the beginning five numbers if you'd like.

Why do I need to show my physical social security card to support?

We take fraud very seriously on our platform and want to make sure that everyone who plays on HotStreak is who they say they are. You are welcome to cover up the first five digits of your SSN however, we need to see the last four on the physical card itself. An image of the card, or simply knowing your SSN is not enough.

What if I don't have my physical social security card?

If you don't have your physical social security card, unfortunately we won't be able to manually verify your HotStreak account at this time. Once you do get your social security card, feel free to reach out to our support team and we will get you manually verified.

Why does HotStreak need to verify my identity?

If a user profits $600 or more in a given calendar year, we provide them with a 1099 form so they can report their winnings on their taxes. We also require users to verify their identity to prevent multi-accounting, fraud and users who are under the legal age requirement.

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