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Football Scoring FAQ's
Football Scoring FAQ's
Written by Brendan Pierce
Updated over a week ago

What's an anytime TD? Do quarterback passing touchdowns count as anytime TDs?

No. An anytime TD counts for the player who carries or receives the ball in the end zone (not the QB who passes them the ball).

What is the 1st TD scored? Do quarterback passing touchdowns count as the 1st TD scored?

No. The 1st TD scored counts for the player who carries or receives the ball in the end zone (not the QB who passes them the ball).

The 1st TD scored is for the entire game; it is not team specific. If there are no TD's scored, the UNDER will win for all players. A defensive or special teams TD can qualify for the 1st TD even if the player who scored the TD was not an offered market. If an offensive player scores the 1st TD while playing on defense or special teams, the OVER will win for that player.

How is the tackles + assists category scored?

Tackles + assists is the combined total of the player’s tackles and assisted tackles. If a player has 5 tackles and 2 assisted tackles, he would score a 7 in this category.

What happens if you take a players over longest reception market, but they do not have any catches in the game. Does this selection void?

This selection would not void. All unders would be paid out and all overs would be considered losses assuming the player played in the game. The same can also be said if you took a players over longest rushing yards market as well.

Why did my selection grade as a loss when my player didn't record any offensive snaps in the game?

If your player gets any snaps in the game, we will grade your selection regardless of you taking the over or the under. Please note, this includes special teams snaps as well.

I took a player's under on an in-play entry, but the selection voided instead of giving me the win on the selection. What happened?

This is most likely because the player was not on the field for a snap during the series in which you placed your entry for. When a player doesn’t play a single snap during the drive in which your selection takes place, your selection is automatically void.

Does a two point conversation count as part of the drive?

No. Two point conversations, extra points and kickoffs do not count as part of the drive for in-play entries.

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