Early Exit Insurance
Written by Brendan Pierce
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Are you tired of losing entries because one of your players left their game in the first half? Fear no longer, as all HotStreak users now have the option to purchase Early Exit Insurance for entries they make on HotStreak. Early Exit Insurance has you covered if ALL 3 of the following things are true:

  • Your player left the game in the first half of their game and did not return

  • You had the over and the player goes under their projection

  • You would have won your entry without this bad beat

Please keep in mind that ALL THREE criteria have to be met in order to receive the refund.

How do you purchase Early Exit Insurance?

Before you submit an entry, you will see at the bottom of the screen, an option to purchase Early Exit Insurance. In order to buy it, just toggle the icon to the right. You will also see that your entry will cost a bit more since the insurance was purchased in this circumstance. The exact price of the insurance will depend on the specifics of your entry.

How do you claim your refund?

If you buy Early Exit Insurance, your player leaves the game in the first half and doesn't return to the game, you selected the over and the player goes under AND you would have won your entry if it wasn't for this one injured player, feel free to reach out to [email protected] or message support in the app. Please only reach out to support if all of the insurance criteria are met.

Please Note: Early Exit Insurance doesn't cover second half injuries, bad beats, etc. It only covers the circumstances listed above.

Baseball selections are NOT eligible for Early Exit Insurance, though that's something we might add in the future.

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