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Baseball Scoring FAQ's
Baseball Scoring FAQ's
Written by Jesse Pizarro
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What happens if a player that I included in my entry appears in the game, but does not finish it?

Your entry will count regardless of if you took the over or the under. This includes circumstances where the player leaves due to injury, ejection or substitution.

What happens if a player that I included in my entry doesn't start in the game? Will this selection void?

Yes, this selection will void regardless of if you took the over or the under. For example, if you selected Aaron Judge to have over 0.5 hits in the game and he doesn't start, but he comes off the bench and gets a pinch hit, this selection will still void because he didn't start the game. The selection would also void if he didn't get a hit as well.

What happens if my entry includes a selection from a game that got postponed?

If a game has not started and gets rescheduled to a time three hours or more from the original scheduled start time, selections from that game will be voided.

If a game does not start start prior to 3 AM in the relevant timezone at the venue on the day after the original scheduled start time, selections on that game are voided.

All selections from a game that starts, but later gets postponed 24 hours or more will have all impacted selections voided.

All selections from a game that starts, but is later suspended less than 24 hours from the original start time of the game will remain active and scored appropriately at the conclusion of the game.

What is the difference between a postponed and a suspended game?

A postponed game is moved to another date and restarts at the top of the 1st inning. A suspended game is moved to an alternate date and restarts at the point where it was stopped.

1st Inning Runs Allowed Rules

1st Inning runs are both earned and unearned runs allowed by the starting pitcher. The listed starter must throw the 1st pitch of the 1st inning in order for the entry to be graded.

If the starter does not complete the inning, selections will be scored as follows:

-if a run scores before or on the pitcher's last pitch, the selection will be scored as over 0.5 runs allowed
-if a run scores after the starter leaves the game or no run scores, that selection will be voided.

Stats Glossary

Any Hit: If the batter is credited with a single, double, triple or home run.

Any Out: If the batter makes an out. Note that if the batter hits into a fielder's choice, that is NOT counted in this category. A sacrifice bunt/fly IS considered an out by the batter.

Walk/Other: Any outcome that's not covered by the other categories: walk, hit by pitch, reached on error, catcher's interference, fielder's choice, etc.

Total Bases: All bases achieved by the batter's HITS only. Anything that does not count as a HIT (walk, HBP, reached on error, etc.) will not be counted towards total bases.

Please Note:

The stats/lineups are live and are as accurate as we can make them. With that being said, they are provided for your convenience. They should NOT be considered authoritative, and refunds will not be issued if the information included on them is inaccurate.

A player with pregame pitching projections must start the game as the pitcher and throw at least 1 pitch, otherwise the projections will be voided.

Passed Ball/Wild Pitch strikeouts where the batter reaches first base do not count as pitching outs. If you selected “strikeout” or “other” as the result of the AB, your selection will win. Otherwise, your selection will lose. “Any out” does not win because the batter does not make an out.

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