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Basketball Scoring FAQ's
Basketball Scoring FAQ's
Written by Jesse Pizarro
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How are Fantasy Points selections scored?

Each stat accrued by the player counts for fantasy points:

  • Points: 1 point

  • Rebounds: 1.2 points

  • Assists: 1.5 points

  • Blocks: 3 points

  • Steals: 3 points

  • Turnovers: -1 point

No other stats will cause a player to gain or lose fantasy points.

What do PRA, RA, PR, and PA stand for?

PRA: Sum of a player's points + rebounds + assists

RA: Sum of a player's rebounds + assists

PR: Sum of a player's points + rebounds

PA: Sum of a player's points + assists

Why was a selection on my entry voided?

There are multiple reasons why a leg may be voided, but the most common is "substitution." This means that the player in question did not play *at all* during the window that the selection covers. If the player was ever on the court during the selection - at the start, at the end, or anywhere in the middle - then the selection will not be voided.

Why was my in-play entry only 2 minutes and 59 seconds?

All in-play entries are for three minutes. For a simple example of why, think of all the numbers from 1 - 10. There are 10 numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. But 10 - 1 = 9. You can extend that from 1 - 180: there are 180 individual seconds there, even though 180 - 1 = 179.

Why was this entry refunded?

A selection will be voided if it doesn't include two or more gradeable selections from two or more different teams.

Since Giannis got removed from the game prior to the selection window and didn't return during that time frame, the entire entry was refunded because only one player was involved in the entry.

Why was this entry NOT refunded?

For in-game entries, if the player plays during the time frame of your selection, the entry will remain valid even if the player only plays for a couple of seconds.

The Beal selection was not voided in this particular circumstance because even though Beal was removed from the game prior to the entry beginning, he was later put back into the game with a couple seconds remaining in the entry. As a result, all overs would be considered losses and all unders would be considered wins.

PLEASE NOTE: The stats/lineups are live and are as accurate as we can make them. With that being said, they are provided for your convenience. They should NOT be considered authoritative, and refunds will not be issued if the information included on them is inaccurate.

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