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I just made a prediction and saw it win on my TV; how come I wasn’t credited?
I just made a prediction and saw it win on my TV; how come I wasn’t credited?
Written by Brendan Pierce
Updated over a week ago

It can be a bit tricky to follow a game on TV because broadcast delays affect when you see things on TV that have already happened.

In other words, sometimes our app is ahead of the TV feed. You can tell because the game clock in the app will be ahead of the one on your screen.

In rare cases, this can mean that you (1) take the over on a Steph Curry 3-pointer selection; (2) watch Steph hit a three a few seconds later; (3) not get credited with your prediction winning. That’s because Steph actually hit the three before you made the prediction, even though you watched it on your TV a few seconds later - due to the delay in the TV broadcast.

This shouldn’t happen too often, but it does occasionally confuse users. The best way to be sure is to look at the Beginning and Ending clock on your prediction. If your prediction runs from 11:00 - 8:01 of the first quarter, Steph’s three would have to fall in that window to count - no matter when you watched it on your TV.

If you have questions about a prediction, or feel that there may have been an error, please take a screenshot of your entry and email our support team at [email protected]. Please also consult the official box score prior to reaching out to support as that is what we use to determine the validity of these situations.

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