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Pregame Market FAQ's (Baseball, Basketball, Football)
Pregame Market FAQ's (Baseball, Basketball, Football)
Written by Jesse Pizarro
Updated over a week ago

What happens if I included a player who has been scratched from the game and will not play?

As long as the player does not play in the game at all, your selection will get voided.

What happens if my player get injured/ejected/substituted out of the game before the game ends?

No matter the reason the player did not complete the game, your selection will not be refunded, assuming the player did in fact participate in the game at some point.*

*The only exception to this is if the player was injured in the first half, did not return to the contest, and you had purchased injury insurance on the entry.

One of the players who I had in my entry had their game postponed. Will that selection be voided?

If the game is postponed for 24 hours or more, that selection will be voided. If the game is postponed less than 24 hours, the selection will remain live.

What happens if I place a selection after the scheduled start time of the game?

If you place a pregame selection after the scheduled start time of a game, that selection will automatically be voided even if the game hasn't yet started.

Can I place selections on both sides of the same market? For example, can I create an entry using Joe Burrow over passing yards and then create a new entry using his under passing yards?

No you are not able to do this on HotStreak. You are only allowed to place entries on one side of the market.

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