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How do I submit an entry?
How do I submit an entry?
Written by Jesse Pizarro
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If the games haven't started yet, you'll see pregame lines for all of the players that day. You may search for any individual player to see their lines for that day. Once you find the player(s) you're looking for, you can view all of their lines for each statistical category and begin building out your entry. Once you find a line that you like, (in this case, Giannis Antetokounmpo + over on points) that player's selection will get added to your entry.

Choose at least one more player+stat combo (please note: you have to choose at least two players from two different teams in order for your entry to be valid) and then click on "finalize entry" to proceed to the entry slip:

At this point, you can look over your entry one last time to make sure you have properly selected the right categories. You can also change your entry fee size to anything from $5 to $200. If you change the size of your entry fee, your payout will change accordingly. Once you're happy with your entry, simply click "Create Entry" to finalize it. Then, make another entry or sit back and sweat it out!


Of course, we also offer our signature HotStreak style-entries: in-play entries that focus on the next 3 minutes of gameplay.

If there are games going on, click on the "Live" tab at the bottom of your screen.

Once you find a game that you want to place an in-play entry on, feel free to select that game.

Once you select all of the players and markets that you would like to include in your entry, you may submit the entry as if you would submit a pregame entry. (all valid entries need at least two players from two different teams):

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