Golf Scoring FAQ's
Written by Brett Johnson
Updated over a week ago

All scoring of HotStreak entries will be based on the official scoring of the PGA tour (

Strokes are the total number of strokes for a golfer in the given round, including penalty strokes, etc.

Birdies or better is the total number holes where a golfer shoots under par in the given round.

Bogies or worse is the total number of holes the golfer shoots over par in the given round.

Holes Played are the number of holes played to completion for a player. Most tournaments have a cut after 36 holes so a player who misses the cut will play 36 holes (e.g. under 36.5 holes). Any selection that withdraws before the completion of round 2 will be voided.

Selections featuring players who do not complete 18 holes for a given round will be voided.

If the PGA cancels a round, all selections for that round will be voided.

If the round is postponed or suspended, it must be finished by the end of the day of the following Monday. A golf round may enter a suspended state due to weather, darkness, etc. If the round is not completed by the following Monday, selections for that round will be voided.

All playoff holes are excluded from scoring.

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