The payout simulator tells you how much you would win for every possible scenario in an entry. To find it, click on "Round Robin Payouts" at the bottom of your entry slip right above where you enter your entry amount.

As you can see in the screenshot below, in order to get the $112.64 payout, you need to get all four selections correct.

If you change your entry so you're allowed to miss up to one selection, you have the ability to do that. With that being said, if you do get them all correct, your total payout would drop to $61.51.

If you're correct and you do get three out of four selections right, you will see a breakdown for each possible outcome for the entry.

You can also customize your entry slip in the payout simulator by turning the W's on the right hand side to losses or refunds to see how that will impact your entry. For example, if you selected the correct result for Cousins and Lutz while getting the Henry selection incorrect and the Christian Kirk selection got refunded, you would receive $8.22 if you chose to miss up to one selection.

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