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Basketball Scoring FAQ's
Basketball Scoring FAQ's
Written by Brendan Pierce
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How are Fantasy Points selections scored?

Each stat accrued by the player counts for fantasy points:

  • Points: 1 point

  • Rebounds: 1.2 points

  • Assists: 1.5 points

  • Blocks: 3 points

  • Steals: 3 points

  • Turnovers: -1 point

No other stats will cause a player to gain or lose fantasy points.

What does PRA, RA, PR, PA stand for?

PRA: Sum of a player's points + rebounds + assists

RA: Sum of a player's rebounds + assists

PR: Sum of a player's points + rebounds

PA: Sum of a player's points + assists

Why was this entry refunded?

Even though Vanderbilt recorded a rebound during this time range, the entry was still refunded because he wasn't on the court when the entry began. If a player is not on the court at the beginning of the entry, it is automatically refunded regardless of the result of the entry.

Why was this entry refunded?

An entry will also get refunded if it doesn't include two or more gradeable legs from two or more different teams.

Since Jackson wasn't on the floor when the entry began, this entry was automatically refunded because only one player was involved in the entry.

Why was this entry NOT refunded?

For in-game entries, if a player starts the entry on the court, the entry will remain valid even if the player is substituted out of the game at some point during the entry.

The Kyrie leg was not refunded in this particular circumstance because the entry began at the 6:38 mark in the 2nd Quarter and he was on the court at that time. Even though he was taken out of the game at the 6:19 mark, this entry will remain a loss.

However, the Duane Washington leg of this entry was refunded because he was removed from the game at the 6:39 mark which was before the entry began at 6:38.

PLEASE NOTE: The stats/lineups are live and are as accurate as we can make them. With that being said, they are provided for your convenience. They should NOT be considered authoritative, and refunds will not be issued if the information included on them is inaccurate.

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