• How long do withdrawals take?

    We process withdrawals every day. Once we process a withdrawal it can take several days for your bank or credit card company to reflect this in your account. We have no control over banks and in certain circumstances (i.e. your bank is slow, it’s a weekend, banks holidays, etc.) withdrawals can take up to 5 days.

  • I'd like to withdraw my deposit

    No problem. Keep in mind that, as an anti-fraud measure, your withdrawal will be processed in two parts: (1) refund of part or all of your initial deposit, (2) followed by a cash transfer for the difference. If you're withdrawing less than you deposited, the entire withdrawal will be processed as a refund.

    Example: You deposit $50, win a few entries, and request to withdraw $100. Your initial $50 deposit will be refunded, and $50 will be transferred to the bank account you provide us.

    Example: You deposit $50, then decide to withdraw your remaining $30. Your withdrawal will be processed as a partial refund of your deposit. You will not see any cash transferred to your bank account.

  • Why did I receive a W9 from HotStreak?

    A W9 is just a form that gives us very basic taxpayer information, so that, in the event that you win $600 or more on the platform in a given year, we have your information on file. We routinely request W9's from players who have either already won $600 or who could potentially do so.

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